U.S. economic data and weak U.S. employment reports awaited


Was announced in yesterday’s trading in the forex market for a number of economic data about the U.S. economy, which has shown that there are some signs of weakness that appear on the U.S. economy.
Was announced to read the U.S. personal spending, which showed that U.S. consumers have reduced their expenses for the first time in 20 months. Analysts had been expecting to come read this index are compatible with the reading of the month of May, which was at 0.1%, but traders suffered for a state of frustrated hopes, when a reading of -0.2%.
The rate of U.S. personal spending is the latest economic reports weak from the U.S. economy, and this has been issued after the announcement of the rate of GDP for the second quarter last week’s lower than expected, and after reading the report of durable goods orders, which is considered a leading indicator for the insights future growth rates in the United States of America. The U.S. employment data came the results indicate the weakness of the economic situation in the United States in recent months.
The reaction of stock markets, negative U.S. data, where the FTSE 100 index closed down 1%, the Nikkei 225 by more than 2% in the Asian session last night. May cause reduced appetite for risk in the global response to the high-yielding currencies, where it appears twice in the Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar and the African rand during the four and twenty hours.
On the other hand, it was announced yesterday by PMI construction and the British who came to read the evidence on the stability of the rate of growth in the British construction sector. The cable gets more support today came PMI services British Similarly positive.

Expectations that the Democrats are boycotting the vote on the plan “Boyenr”


Expectations that the Democrats are boycotting the vote on the plan “Boyenr.”
U.S. Dollar (USD):
Although there was some news that could lead to the return of the U.S. dollar lower again (USD). However, the opportunity for the U.S. dollar (USD) to compensate for its losses during the last trading yesterday on the issue of the impact of U.S. debt ceiling has returned again. It was clear that the U.S. Dollar (USD) had won the contest against his ill-euro (EUR). This comes because of concerns about the extent of the EU’s ability to contain the crisis the European application and the assistance programs and a clear and good for European countries. Where again the fears of investors once again on the issue of liquidity in European countries, which led to a lot of dealers on the direction of opening of shops on the majors for the U.S. dollar (USD). In fact, it is doubtful now that that wave is a corrective wave, rather than just be a true transfer of capital from riskier currencies to the safe-haven currencies such as the U.S. dollar (USD). There is no doubt it as long as the rates were as high risk on the rise in the European region and the region of America, but despite this, however there are still possibilities for the rise of the EUR / USD EUR \ USD 1.46 to the area.
Euro (EUR):
If we had people from decision-makers in the European region, it will definitely be on the high degree of grief yesterday, especially after the movement recorded by the currencies against the U.S. dollar. After that there was a feeling among market participants that may have reached an agreement alleviate the European financial crisis, but he returned once again questions as to whether that effort, “enough”?. In fact, the Greek debt reduction program did not lead to the arrival of the Greek debt to the good parts are great and it was natural that the anxiety is due again to the dealers now. But we must always be sure that any solution can be reached it will be long-term solution. Thus, it is natural that under the euro (EUR) for periods of pressure to reassure traders it again as it was in the past.
Pound (GBP) and Australian dollar (AUD):
At the time of registration rates increase the risk again during trading yesterday. It was natural to record the Pound (GBP) decline against the U.S. dollar (USD) exactly as happened with the Australian dollar also (AUD) during trading yesterday. It should be noted that the Pound (GBP) is moving at this time by a factor of a low beta with the euro (EUR) and thus it is possible to deal with two currencies from the standpoint of defense. As for the Australian dollar (AUD), it is possible to keep purchasing the remaining centers, especially with the rise in consumer price indices in Australia now.
Under the spotlight:
Traders pay attention at the moment the issue of U.S. debt ceiling has a large addition to the debt crisis in Europe also. Which led to the direction of dealers back to the safe-haven currencies such as the U.S. dollar (USD) at the expense of its European counterpart. This comes at a time when there are voices talking about the cost of funding in the United States with a higher U.S. bond yields significantly. Which can be associated with a reduced credit rating, which will not be market makers to keep these bonds as assets they can invest in them. With the knowledge that they were not AAA yet. Thus, the risk will rise on borrowing in the short term. There is no doubt, that it will affect the cost of operations conducted by banks, which may affect the credit sector in the U.S. banks. In general this is the obvious risks of the possibility of reducing the credit rating of U.S. assets with the time it is possible to extend it to a greater economic impact not only for the banking sector, but may extend to other sectors

World Bank warns of the global economy enters a dangerous area in the new


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Continued recovery in global equity markets today, which had begun in the last two sessions of last week, as Asian stocks made further gains in the previous session.
Demand and return on equity again to several factors. The first is the announcement of better-than-expected reading on Japanese GDP for the second quarter, which showed that economic activity in the third-largest economy in the world has recorded a 1.3% contraction the previous quarter, which helped Asian shares to rise. Analysts had expected the rate to record contraction by 2.5%, taking into account that Japan continues to extricate itself from the jaws of the tsunami that hit in March.
At the same time, Italian Prime Minister “Silvio Berlusconi” during the weekend that Italy will stick to the application of a new set of austerity measures to address the huge debt to them. Berlusconi predicted that these measures will help the arrival in Italy to balance its budget with the financial solutions suffered 2013. As is often the case, the market responded positively to the direct government intervention, which led to the start of the euro positive start this week, dropping the pound sterling / euro with Friday’s close of 0.5 cents once in last night.
The last factor, which is due to higher stock prices during the three sessions the past is the art movement, where the index S & P 500 by 20% during the past two weeks, many analysts say that this indicator (and other indicators) has reached oversold territory and that the sessions the last three led them near the fair value for them.
It seems that it is not likely to see an end to the downward movement in stocks, he said, “Robert Zoellick,” World Bank President that fears of global growth and the concern of investors about the problems of sovereign debt in the euro area and the United States had withdrawn the global economy to the brink of “the dangerous new”. With the disposal of the Bank of Japan and the Swiss bank in a manner that protects personal interests strongly by paying a large amount of the yen and the franc in the markets, in addition to the growing concerns at the end of last week about the health of retail banking in the euro area, the risk of spread of infection to infect the global economic recovery is more contagious .
On the other hand, began the trading session this week in the Forex market as bad for the British pound, which was announced last night on the weak data on the real estate sector, the British, the Index was the “rites Move” for the UK home prices for August, down by 2.1% compared to the decline in July, a rise of only 1.6%. Consequently, the British pound began trading this week, down in the forex market against all other major currencies except the safe-haven currencies (USD and the U.S. dollar CHF Swiss franc and Japanese yen JPY)

Fundamental analysis of the daily basic currencies in the forex market

Pound Sterling GBP It was announced today for some positive economic data from Britain, but they failed to pay the pound higher, which indicates that market participants are still worried about the outlook cut British interest rates. Was issued last night, CBI indicator of trends in reading the orders exceed expectations as well as the CBI index of selling prices, and who nevertheless continued to pound in the transverse direction compared to other major currencies. Outlook in the near term: from neutral to negative. U.S. Dollar USD Suffered the U.S. dollar in currency markets during the European session today, as investors affected by rumors to the effect that “Ben Bernanke” The governor of the Fed is ready to announce the start in a program of quantitative easing for the third time on Friday. After the announcement of the U.S. real estate sector data, it exposed the U.S. dollar to decline further. Outlook in the near term: from neutral to negative. EUR EUR Announcement was weak economic data from the euro zone this morning, but it failed to withdraw support from under the feet of the European currency. The German ZEW report log of confidence in the economic outlook is worse than read, as it recorded a significant decrease compared with the reading of the month of July, came as German PMI reading disappointing. Outlook in the near term: from neutral to negative. Australian Dollar AUD The performance of global equity markets through a positive four and twenty hours, which helped the Australian dollar higher against most major currencies. The rise in stock prices due to high prices of energy stocks, as investors are expecting the return to normal trading conditions in Libya, which is the country to twelve of the largest oil-exporting countries. However, the concern about the continuing return of sovereign debt crisis may lead to the Australian dollar has lost strength quickly. Outlook in the near term: from neutral to positive. Singapore dollar SGD Was announced yesterday by the consumer price index of Singapore, which measures the rate of inflation, and the result is 5.4% for the past month, the highest annual rate brings the index since January. The Singapore dollar to fail the performance of Asian currencies over the past year, but excluding the Japanese yen, where the central bank allowed its currency in Singapore strongly to ease of preventing domestic inflation. A reading index of consumer prices, which were issued from Singapore last night on the way that these were not useful, may be necessary to tighten monetary policy, which provides further support for the Singapore dollar. Outlook in the near term: positive.

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(شاعر العرب الأكبر)، اللقب الذي استحقه بجدارة في وقت مبكر في حياته الشعرية، وارتضاه له العرب اينما كان واينما كان شعره، رغم أن الساحة العربية كانت مليئة بالشعراء الكبار في عصره. فقد حصل على هذا اللقب عن جدارة تامة واجماع مطلق ويؤكد السيد فالح الحجية الكيلاني الشاعر العراقي.في كتابه الموجز في الشعر العربي -شعراء معاصرون(ان الجواهري لهو متنبي العصر الحديث لتشابه أسلوبه بأسلوبه وقو ة قصيده ومتانة شعره) لهذا طبع شعر الجواهري في ذهن الناشئة من كل جيل مفاهيم وقيما شعرية إنسانية لا تزول. اما التجديد في شعره فجاء مكللا بكل قيود الفن الرفيع من وزن وقافية ولغة وأسلوب وموسيقى وجمال وأداء. اخر لقاء تلفزيوني مع الشاعر الكبير الراحل كان في تلفزيون الشارقة عام1992، أثناءزيارته لدولة الإمارات العربية لاستلام جائزة سلطان العويس في الإنجاز الأدبي والثقافي،والتي استحدثت لكي تكون لائقة برموز الأدب والثقافة العربية وكان الجواهري أول الحائزين عليها. وفي هذا اللقاء قرأ لأول مرة قصيدته في رثاء زوجته أمونه… وقد حاوره المذبع سفيان جبر في برنامج [ لقاء الأسبوع] وقد بث اللقاء عشرات المرات وعلى مدى سنوات. توفي الجواهري في إحدى مشافي العاصمة السورية دمشق سنة 1997 عن عمر يناهز الثامنة والتسعين، ونظم له تشييع رسمي وشعبي مهيب، شارك فيه أغلب أركان القيادة السورية، ودفن في مقبرة الغرباء في السيدة زينب في ضواحي دمشق، تغطيه خارطة العراق المنحوتة على حجر الكرانيت، وكلمات:”يرقد هنا بعيداً عن دجلة الخير..” أقيمت تكريماً له احتفالية ضخمة في إقليم كوردستان العراق عام 2000 بمناسبة الذكرى المئوية لميلاده وتم وضع نصبين عملاقين له في مدينتي أربيل والسليمانية نفذهما النحات العراقي المغترب في سويسرا سليم عبد الله.
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أو كل أسبوع بالإتصال بأهلك أو صديق أو العمل، يستحق التجربة:


برنامج جميل تقدر ترسل عنوانك مع الارقام
لأي شخص وأي هاتف ويوصل له ويتخزن
في هاتفه أتوماتيكا بدون ما يخزنه !! عجيب


Wifi File Transfer Lite
برنامج جدا مفيد يعطيك رقم آي بي IP للبلإك بيري
وتدخل من خلال تفعيل الوائ فأي wifi في جهازك في
أي جهاز كمبيوتر موجود بنفس الشبكة
وادخل رقم الآي بي IP الموجود في البرنامج
في مستعرض الكمبيوتر وراح تشوفك جهازك
بكامل ملفاته معروضه وتقدر تنزلهم في الجهاز
وترفع ملفات دون عناء أو توصيل كيبل أو غير فقط
عبر الشبكة اللاسلكية والبرنامج مجاني:


برنامج موسوعة ويباكيديا العالمية Wikipedia


برنامج اسمه BlckTrac يقوم هذا البرنامج
بعمل تقرير عن جميع المكالمات والايميلات بشكل
تقرير ويقوم بإرساله لك يومي أو اسبوعي:


برنامج SportyPal يمكن من خلاله حساب نسبة
حرق الدهون والسعرات وخاص بالرياضيين
ومن خلاله تقدر تعرف المسافات عبر الخرائط المرفقة:


برنامج راديو مشهور live36 تقدر من خلاله الإستماع إلى
العديد من المحطات منها العربية مباشرة عبره:


أخيرا يمكنك من خلال هذا البرنامج المجاني
إرسال أي رقم مخزن في هاتفك
عبر الرسائل النصية SMS ما عليك غير تنزله
وترسل البرنامج لشخص بعد ما تنزل البرنامج
حتى يكون برنامج كامل:


برنامج LaterFlag مجاني جميل ومهم خاص بالإيميلات
من خلاله تقدر تعطي للإيميل المرسل
خيار بأهميته بوضع العلم بأنها ذات أولوية
عالية أو منخفضة (high or low priority)


HRS for BlackBerry
برنامج للبلإك بيري جميل بإمكانك
حجز الفنادق حول العالم بأسعار
مناسبة مباشرة Version 2.0.1 :


برنامج جميل صغير الحجم من خلال ينبهك بهزة
في الهاتف في حال إتصالك بأي شخص قبل مرور الدقيقة
حتى تتمكن من السيطرة على مكالماتك:


برنامج جميل تقدر عن طريقه تسمع الشرطة
والمطافئ مباشرة كأنك تستخدم الوكي توكي:


مجموعة برامج إسلامية منها برنامج
حساب الزكاة وحصن المسلم وغيرهم


برنامج راديو جميل للإستماع إلى الإذاعات
مباشرة عبر البلاك بيري


برنامج يقوم بتذكير في حال عدم الرد على أي مكالمة
بإمكانية تذكيرك بعد ساعة أو أقل
بالإتصال بالشخص الذي لم ترد عليه


برنامج مواقيت الصلاة


برنامج جدا جميل فيه معلومات عن أغلب دول العالم
ومدنها وكل ما تحتويه المدينة من معالم وامكان مع تفاصيلها

متصفح للبلاك بيري يتضمن على جافا ويشغل الفيس بوك كامل
وتقدر تحدد النص من المتصفح وتخزين الصور من الصفحة
المفاجئة انه يشغل اليوتيوب برنامج خطير
لمتصفح للبلإك بيري أحسن من الموجود في الجهاز،
للأسف لايدعم اللغة العربية

برنامج جميل يقوم بعمل نسخة إحتياطية
لجميع ارقام الهاتف في الذاكرة (الميموري)
Download Data Backup – Free

برنامج البالتوك للبلاك بيري

برنامج يقرا مسجاتك بالصوت فقط للـ اس ام اس
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برنامج حجب المكالمات

برنامج تحويل الوحدات

برنامج صفحه بنز للبي بي في العالم
Pinwall — Install

تحميل برنامج الفوتوشوب للبلاك بيري 2012

تحميل برنامج الفوتوشوب للبلاك بيري 2012,تنزيل تحميل برنامج الفوتوشوب للبلاك بيري 2012

برنامج Photo Editor Ultimate Free v2.8.0 بلاك بيري

قوي جدا لتحرير وتعديل الصور على البلاك بيري

وتقدر تتحكم فيها بشكل كامل من تدوير او تعديل الالون وغيرها ,, وبعد ماتخلص تقدر ترسلها بالايميل او باي وسيله

 تحميل برنامج الفوتوشوب للبلاك بيري 2012

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